Our Community Partners

MVP-SOS continues to fund children of New Milford so they are able to participate in local educational, arts and sports programs such as these. Over the last 14+ years, MVP-SOS has spent over $400,000 on registration fees to local businesses and organizations. These are the local organizations that we have partnered with and support.

How to redeem your organization’s voucher!


  1. Gather all of the voucher’s submitted for the month or the season.

  2. At the end of the month/season mail them to MVPSOS, P.O. Box 1146, New Milford, CT, 06776

  3. When the vouchers have been received by MVPSOS, a check will be issued for the total amount of the vouchers received.

  4. The check will then be mailed to the organization for reimbursement of the vouchers.

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