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Board of Directors

Joseph Mauro / President

Owner and Founder Center 2 The Edge, LLC


Joe has been involved with MVPSOS since 2008. Prior to his becoming President, he was responsible for all communications; marketing, advertising, social media and web development. He has been working tirelessly to bring awareness of MVPSOS to our community and how MVPSOS is committed to financially assisting as many New Milford children as possible, to create an equal playing field for all. We want the town of New Milford to be recognized as a community where all children have an equal opportunity to pursue their personal interests and goals. 


Joe’s expertise in traditional marketing and promotion provide the "center" on which his company was built. He has developed national and international marketing programs for major clients. Joe is also responsible for having developed Transmedia and Social Media programs for corporate clients… like Pepsi, Dole, KFC, Dixie, GlaxoSmithKline, Chateau Ste. Michelle,Coors, Diageo and others.

Before co-founding C2E, Joe served 20 years as President and Executive Creative Director of GSI Communications developing TV, print and digital for Fortune 500 companies. He began his career in advertising at Young & Rubicam and BBDO. He then co-founded his own agency in NYC before moving to CT.

Lori Davlos / Treasurer


Senior Vice President, Finance & Corporate Controller of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp

Certified Public Accountant


Lori’s family relocated to New Milford in 1991 after accepting a position in Finance at Union Carbide headquarters in Danbury, CT.  She began with Odyssey Logistics at its founding in 2003, where she has been instrumental in establishing the Accounting, Finance, and Treasury functions that support the global operations of the company.  She has also held key positions with Wheaton Van Lines and Dow Chemical Company.


She holds a BS in Accounting from Indiana University and is a Certified Public Accountant and member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


During her family’s 27 years in New Milford, her husband and three sons were actively involved in a wide range of sports programs in the area.  Having seen first-hand the inability of kids to patriciate due to the financial burden it can bring to the family, she took the opportunity to actively participate in the MVP SOS mission in 2017 as the organization’s Treasurer.

Eileen Gillis  / Vice President


Bio To Come...



I would like to take the time to thank our Board of Directors. These individuals have busy lives but understand that if they don't spend the extra hours in their day, the less fortunate will not be able to take part in their activities and hobbies. It takes compassion to be involved in an organization like ours. No family or child in the wealthiest country should ever be deprived of the chance to take part in opportunities that nurture their self-esteem and cultivate them into the great young men and women of our society. Thank you to our board for making a BIG difference in our little town of New Milford, CT.

Tim Jalbert






Tim Jalbert – Founder/Director (retired) MVPSOS

Bob Greco –

Founding Board Member (retired) MVPSOS

Bill Knipple –

Founding Board Member (retired) MVPSOS

Pete Cavalli Jr. – MVPSOS Dinner Head Chef

Kevin McGee  / Vice President


Bio To Come...

John Kaiser / Assistant Director (retired) MVPSOS

Brad Kamp – Board Member (retired) MVPSOS

Lianne Ambruso / Secretary (retired) MVPSOS

Kevin L. Dumas / Treasurer (retired) MVPSOS

 John Davlos / Vice President


Bio To Come...

Rober Ryder / Ambassador

Ray Crawford / Ambassador

Peg Molina / Ambassador

Mary Altermatt – Advisory Board Chairperson

Bonnie Krasselt / Board Member (retired) MVPSOS

Marilyn McGee / Vice President

Julie Jczerenda  / Board Member (retired) MVPSOS

Thank you MVPSOS...



Without your service, I don’t think my 3 boys will be able to participate in any sports outside of school.  Your service has helped parents give the children the chance to be part of a team and feel good about themselves. Children are encouraged to be active but when we are living paycheck to paycheck, putting our kids in extra curriculum activities is not always an option. I am grateful and humble with MVP-SOS, you made it possible for us to part of the community.   With MVP-SOS, my children do not feel the on-going stress of why we’re unable to do the things they love to do. 

Thank you!



To whom it may concern,

In 2013 I had no choice but to resign from my job to care for my sick daughter. She was in need of 3 open-heart surgeries, numerous trips to the cardiac catheterization lab, she had a ng tube and was considered a ”Failure to thrive”.


Peg Molina was my angel. I had 3 girls all together one in high school and one in elementary school. I couldn't afford to pay for any extras.  Peg recommended me to MVP who paid most of the cost for sports, class dues and camp.  Without their help my children would not have had the opportunities that they did. They were already struggling with the sickness and the inconsistent lifestyle of their ill sister. 


If I didn't have the income from MVP the girls would have struggled even more. 

You have supported us and provided the income I would have never been able to.



Hi peg.

MVP SOS has helped my kids enjoy the haven of Camp Jewell. This weekend getaway is necessary for my kids to get the feel of a family vacation without the stress of a single mom driving a jalopy car. They have other children to play with outdoors, following a schedule, with the safe luxury of cabins and bathrooms. My family gained many first time memories to talk about year after year. We have three square meals with salad every day. We could never afford dinner, alone for a couple of days. Parents comfort in workshops to deal with our problems, which we discover are not so uncommon and learn about ourselves more as parents.


My children have been also getting funding for Lake Swim Lessons. This life skill is diligently practiced as it is wonderfully taught by the Red Cross’s Julie, Sam, Kim and Andrew. This class is a great value and the highlight of our last four summers. For the price of a waterpark, our lessons are real and bring twelve days of joy.


A couple of times, my son and daughter have taken Miss Kitty’s gymnastics series. Body positioning and safety awareness are gained by my fearless kids. Also the attention these professionals gives makes them feel more important. Their father is unattentive and not paying his ordered amount of child support. I’m a single mom and MVP SOS gives me confidence to get my kids involved in some of the basic activities that other children regularly enjoy.


Thank you for extending these enriching options to my family.


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